W.I.N.T.E.R. Group is currently organising a workshop on modern wireless networks named "International Workshop on Recent Advances in Broadband Access Networks" (RABAN).


For the first time it took place in 2010 and have been improved a lot during those years! Current one is held during the 6th International Congress on Ultra Modern Telecommunications and Control Systems (ICUMT 2015) in Brno, Czech Republic on 6-8th October 2015.


Key dates:

Call for papers is available via this link.

Main topics:

  • Cross-layer optimization concepts
  • Energy efficiency and power management
  • Co-operative and device-to-device communications
  • Multi-access networks and multi-radio terminals
  • Network cognition and self-configuration
  • Heterogeneous network technologies and architectures
  • Mobile broadband traffic support
  • Vehicular networks
  • Client quality of experience enhancement
  • Machine-to-machine communications
  • Interference mitigation and coordination approaches
  • Distributed antenna architectures
  • Advanced MIMO techniques
  • Channel estimation techniques and channel models
  • Spectrum management and regulatory issues

For more information please follow this link.