LSA section


Figure 1: Scenario

Figure above can be used to describe the scenario that is being considered. Airplane takes off from the airport and is using radio channel to communicate with air traffic control tower (ATC). After takeoff, the airplane flies over a deployment consisting of 25 hexagonal cells. Each cell has a eNodeB positioned in the geometrical center and 4 UE devices that are using LSA band. Cells that are closest to the airplane (left edge on the figure) cause more interference than the ones that are in the center. During the estimation of the interference we consider the `worst case` scenario: either the UE is right under the airplane or on the closest edge. For example, the worst case edge is highlighted with red dashed line. Each second we recalculate the TX power limits for new airplane position and apply them to the cells accordingly. We also measure interference at the airplane in order to assess how well the policy performs in the given scenario.

Figure 2: LSA Policy - Limit Power

Figure 3: LSA Policy - Shutdown

Figure 4: LSA Policy - Ignore