WINTERsim – an open simulation platform for simulation studies of wireless systems

This version was published on 31 of March 2014.

It is not necessary to introduce tools like NS2 or NS3 to the community - they are well known and have earned themselves a reputation among researchers around the world. However, together with reputation, they have also earned a huge number of features, most of which are rarely utilized in real research. As a result, NS2 is used less and less, while NS3 (as well as most commercial tools like OPNET)  is hard to scale down to model really simple things.


Fig. 1 & 2. Results obtained with WINTERsim.

WINTERsim does not target any specific setting for any specific technology. It is more a library than an actual simulation software, which means that pretty much anything that has to do with delivery of packets can be rather naturally incorporated into WINTERsim. This makes the simulations smaller, more agile and easy to support in a quickly-changing environment.

  • No more need to define IP and TCP flows just to test link-layer capacity!
  • No more need to parse gigabytes of event traces – statistics framework in WINTERsim allows you to record only those events you really care for, and only as long as you need to get the needed accuracy.
  • Tired of existing protocols and want to try something totally new? WINTERsim allows you to quickly prototype protocols in minutes and have them running even without any physical layer integration.
  • Automated Monte-Carlo trial aggregation and tolerance interval tracking, so you do not need to worry about how accurate your measurements are.
  • Highly flexible event system, where literally any piece of executable code can be scheduled to happen, canceled, or even made into a recurrent operation in just a single line of code!

Overall, it is not claimed to be the most accurate or versatile simulation tool ever made. Moreover, it is not particularly good for any specific technology, but on the other hand it allows you to create new ones in the most cost-effective manner.

If you think something is missing and should be added – do not hesitate to add it! We will be happy to include it into the codebase of the WINTERsim and share with the world.

*This distributive is mainly prepared for LINUX/MAC users.


Alexander Pyattaev
Mikhail Gerasimenko