LTE-Assisted WiFi-Direct: Brno presentation - Part1

LTE-assisted WiFi-Direct is a promising technology that creates unprecedented benefits, for both operator and end user, at the stages of device/service discovery, connection establishment, and service continuity. Correspondingly, cellular network may automate pairing of proximate devices, maintain their security, and improve the battery lifetime of D2D peers sharing their desired content.

We have completed a full-scale practical trial of network-assisted WiFi-Direct on a live 3GPP LTE deployment in Brno, Czech Republic. This unique trial unites partners from Tampere U. of Technology, Brno U. of Technology, and Intel Labs US. This post presents the final presentation about this trail. Main post could be found via this link. Continue reading

The potential of 5G to enrich our lives - Interview with 5G expert Sergey Andreev

Recently our coordinator Sergey Andreev was interviewed by Eurescom. Link to original page.

The potential of 5G to enrich our lives


The hype around 5G is not yet matched by clarity on what 5G actually is and how we get there. In order to shed more light on the topic and get a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities of 5G for Europe, Eurescom message editor-in-chief Milon ­Gupta interviewed 5G expert Dr. Sergey Andreev, who is Senior Research Scientist at Tampere University of Technology. Continue reading

W.I.N.T.E.R. goes for SNOW

The Fifth Nordic Workshop on System and Network Optimization for Wireless (SNOW) took place in Åre, Sweden in the beginning of April. More than 40 researchers from all over the Nordic region came together to discuss novel ideas and already used strategies for the Improvement of Wireless Networking starting from sensor monitoring and up to modern cellular issues.

All the discussions were held in friendly atmosphere with lots of coffee and traditional swedish cookies. Workshop lead for three days and was held as a compilation of the presentations and posters sessions. However, talks were followed by informal skiing events and delicious repasts. Continue reading